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App connection to agrirouter

You want a simple way of documentation? With our agriLogger Smartphone app, your customers are ready for documentation, field navigation and fleet management

Connecting Cloud Farming Software

Through FADE, your application gains connection to the agrirouter in no time

Machine cloud connections

Connect your telemetry cloud to the agrirouter via FADE and exchange the data of your machinery with Farm Management systems. .

Connect your Farming Software

FADE connects your software to agrirouter. Our ISOXML Services help creating and analyzing ISOXML Data that fits your systems

Connect Communication Units

We support you in connecting your telemetry units to agrirouter through your own, brand new cloud. Advantages:

  • Direct access to the telemetry units
  • Quick bugfixing on CUs through online updates
  • Add features in your cloud way faster than on the CU

Your machines - maximum compatiblity

Building machines and looking to add a TaskController client? We support you to define a highly compatible Device Data Object Pool(DDOP) that works with all farm management systems

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We have specialized in the development of software and consulting for connectivity and data management of agricultural machinery and farms.
We are 100% remote and offer our employees the opportunity to work from anywhere. We are always looking for talented and motivated people who want to develop at dev4Agriculture and benefit from our excellent network.
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